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Interview with Sarah DeWeerdt for the articleHow to map the brain. Nature, 571, S6-S8. doi:10.1038/d41586-019-02208-0.

Revitalized Community Curriculum Breathes New Life into the Webs First Virtual Organism, Interview with Rob Schaefer. Mozilla Open Leaders Medium, May 23

Perceptual time and the evolution of informational investment. Published in Machines Like Us.

Triangulating Scientific "Truths": an ignorant perspective. Profiled in Humanity+.

Artificial Life Meets Geodynamics (Evo-Geo). Profiled in Humanity+.

Virtual windows on brains at work, Interview with Sujata Gupta. New Scientist, March 17

Why Scientists are fooling animals with virtual reality, Interview with Rachel Nuwer. Popular Mechanics, April 10

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