Recent Work

September 2021:
(w. J. Parent) Meta-brain Models: biologically-inspired cognitive agents. arXiv, 2109.11938

July 2021:
(w C. Yuan) Complex Temporal Biology: towards a unified multi-scale approach to predict the flow of information. Integrative and Comparative Biology, icab163

June 2021:
(w H. Kulkarni) Sentiment Progression based Searching and Indexing of Literary Textual Artefacts. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 18201, 264-271.

May 2021:
(w D. Cialfi, A. Lim, and J. Parent) Allostasis Machines: a model for understanding internal states and technological environments. Emergent Interaction Workshop, SIGCHI 2021.

April 2021:
(w/ 18 co-authors) Creating Clear and Informative Image-based Figures for Scientific Publications. PLoS Biology, 19(3), e3001161.   Featured on PreLights

March 2021:
(with J. Parent and U. Singh) Periodicity in the Embryo: emergence of order in space, diffusion of order in time.. Biosystems, 104405.

January 2021:
(with R. Gordon and T. Portegys) Data-theoretical Synthesis of the Early Developmental Process. Neuroinformatics, doi:10.1007/s12021-020-09508-1.

September 2020:
Raising the Connectome: the emergence of neuronal activity and behavior in C. elegans. Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience, 14, 524791

July 2020:
(with S. Dvoretskii, S. Felder, Z. Gong, A. Gupta, and J. Parent) Developmental Embodied Agents as Meta-brain Models. DevoNN Workshop, Artificial Life 2020


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